FLIP (burger) out!

i never craved hamburgers, until i became a vegetarian.

now i crave them voraciously. and while my appetite is often subdued with burgers of the black bean or Boca variety, sometimes you just have to go all FLIPpin’ out! now if you’re a fan of Top Chef, you’ll know that atlanta resident and Top Chef All-Stars winner Richard Blais has several burger joints in the area named Flip burger boutique. my family are all huge fans of the show and of Richard so we were dying to try out the place, which we did. twice.

we even met Mr. Top Chef himself!! he was super cool and sweet. and his hair is just as spiky in real life as i had imagined.

having visited both the midtown and buckhead locations, i have to say that both atlanta locations have similar modern decor but the buckhead restaurant seemed cozier to me with plenty of plush booths. and the food? well, the fauxlaffal, a chickpea based burger, i ordered was decent but i have to say the real winner was the pimento cheeseburger (pictured above). as my first bite of a hamburger in 5 years, it was cheesy, messy, fatty… and completely worth my vegetarian guilt.

the fries were incredibly crispy and delicious with the smoked mayo but then again, i never met a potato i didn’t like. and the tempura onion rings were so good accompanied by a beer honey mustard. but i think the coolest part of the meal were the liquid Nmilkshakes which arrived at the table with wisps of subzero smoke coming from the glass. we ordered both the nutella-burnt marshmallow and the strawberry shortcake. i have to say the nutella marshmallow was my favorite.

so did we enjoy our meal at flip?

maybe a little.

(sorry for the poor quality of the food pics. i only had my blackberry with me, but better than nothing.)

Flip Burger Boutique
locations in Atlanta and Birmingham, AL
(404) 352.FLIP (West Midtown)
(404) 549. 3298 (Buckhead)

3 thoughts on “FLIP (burger) out!

  1. looks delicious! …why did i ever stop watching Top Chef? maybe because my fiance got me all interested in the History Channel, but i think i’m going to have to dvr it now 🙂

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