new york, NEW YORK

my first full day here and i’m already blogging. i think this is a good sign.

i’m not really sure how to sum up my first day in NYC because it really is unlike any other place i’ve ever been to. you know when you meet someone famous? like utterly, super-duper, cover of People magazine famous? me neither, but just imagine it. your impression of meeting this person is either amazing or terrible. because unlike with most strangers, you’ve already developed some sort of image of what they will be like, look like, act like… i feel that’s how new york is. no one has a first impression of new york. you come with your expectations, your preconceptions and the city either meets them or falls flat.

so far, i’ve found myself somewhere in the middle. i’m adjusting nicely to my small, yet tidy apartment (thank you 4 years of dorm life) which has an amazing view and was oddly lulled to bed to the sound of honking traffic outside. what i didn’t appreciate as much was seeing my first nyc rat as i waited for my metro or the sleeping homeless man i had to step over to get out of my stop. luckily, the pros seem to outweigh the cons as i know some great people here to ease my rat-phobic ways.

my first night, i had dinner at my friend anne larimer’s. she and i met while we were both studying abroad in siena, italy and i like to think we’re kindred spirits. anne larimer is one of those people who goes to the tune of her own song, and you desperately wish you knew the words. we share a mutual bond over films with joseph gordon levitt, celebrity gossip, and of course food.

our dinner last nite was a mediterranean overflow of dolmas (stuffed grape leaves), olives, baked eggplant stuffed with onions, tomatoes, and dried apricots, quinoa and roasted carrots. did i mention we like to eat? and drink of course delicious mojitos while watching episodes of sex and the city while in the city. it was a perfect start to what i hope will be a perfect summer. cause between you and me, i think mr. chrysler building seems a little shy but completely loveable.

tomorrow starts my first day at the MET! wish me luck.

2 thoughts on “new york, NEW YORK

  1. So excited for you this summer and best of luck tomorrow!! I am very happy that your first day went well and that your first night included friends! I know you’re going to have an amazing time!

  2. i am so excited for you! i have to call you b/c i have something to tell you, but i want you to be able to get comfy before i call up bothering you! i’m so glad you are so happy! good luck tomorrow!!!

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