i got friends in low places

i’ve always been someone who values quality over quantity, and this applies directly to my friendships. to me, friends are people who complement you, challenge you, and support you, all the while humoring you at every step of the way. i must say i’ve missed my friends oh so much during my stay in nyc. so imagine my surprise when i had not only one but TWO sets of friends visit me this weekend!

my first friend, molly, is a familiar face from WAY BACK in high school. you know those ‘instigator’ friends who get you to do pretty much anything? molly is my instigator friend, numero uno. i remember us ditching 6th period one time to go try on prom dresses, drinking cosmopolitans when it was still considered trendy (you do the math), and many other unmentionables that i unfortunately cannot commit to print. she’s also one of the most reliable people i know and is always there to dole out her sage advice. so when she called me thursday night to say that she and her family were making a day trip to nyc the next day, i dropped everything to meet up with her… that, and i was only working a half-day 🙂 although her visit was short and sweet, i was just so happy to see her!

the next day on saturday, i was excited to welcome one of my former college roommates, alyssa, and her boyfriend trevor. although they both live in connecticut and have honky-tonked in nashville with me several times, trevor had actually never explored the big city! so we hit up some of the hot spots (and i mean HOT!)


and even enjoyed ourselves a fancy dinner at le cirque (courtesy of restaurant week in nyc!).

on sunday, we hung out at the met (of course) and then headed down towards madison square park to check out the beer garden la birreria and eat pizza at EATALY. it was glorious!

aren’t my friends just adorable?!

btw, shout out to my beautiful friend morgan who just got ENGAGED to her high school sweetheart nick! their very first date was our senior prom– the adorableness is overwhelming, i know.

Le Cirque
151 East 58th Street, NY NY
Birreria (15th floor of EATALY)
200 5th Avenue, NY NY

seat belts everyone!

field trips always remind me of boxed lunches and the Magic School Bus. it’s been quite a while since i’ve gone on a proper field trip as an adult, but i have to tell you, if Ms. Frizzle was an art historian i’m pretty sure she would have taken her students to see glass-blowing!

this past monday, our internship program went to red hook in brooklyn to see some glass blowers in action (the view of lady liberty wasn’t too bad either). i’ve never seen this process in person so it was an exciting experience for me. watching these artists manipulate molten hot glass with such ease was utterly mesmerizing. such an amazing art form! but as you can tell from their sweaty shirts, a little too hot for me.

afterwards, we visited the studio museum in harlem which houses contemporary art primarily from artists of african descent. having become so used to museums such as the Met, or what one of the studio museum curators called the ‘juggernauts of 5th avenue,’ it was nice to see the workings of a much more intimate space. while i know very little about contemporary art, i was struck by how tangible these artworks, some of them done by rather young artists, seemed to me. as one of the curators put it, ‘the art here is meant to be responsive, not reflective of the culture of harlem.’ (as can be seen in their collection of harlem postcards). all in all, it was a great field trip for a bunch of art nerds.

so how could my day have gotten any better?


if you don’t know what that means, we can no longer be (cyber)friends. while i have to say, i enjoyed part 1 of the seventh movie much more than part 2, seeing anything in IMAX/3D is always an amazing adventure! watching this, however, was slightly bittersweet as, with most people my age, i really have grown up with harry through these books and films. *sigh* i’m gonna go drown my sorrows in some butterbeer now (for which this recipe looks amazing btw)

Pier Glass
499 Van Brunt Street, Suite 2A, Brooklyn, NY 11231
The Studio Museum in Harlem
144 West 125th Street, NY, NY 10027

all because three people fell in love…

i’m back from tennessee (with the mosquito bites to prove it!). rebekah & chris’ wedding, dubbed ‘the wedding’ was simply beautiful. rebekah was the calmest, most easy-going bride ever, and i’m 99.4% sure she was not medicated. she was, however, stunning. i remember watching her try on her dress last summer, but had forgotten how absolutely gorgeous she looked in it. of course, chris and little connor were utterly dashing in their seersucker suits and ties as well.

as it was my first time being a bridesmaid, i was expecting the weekend to be chaotic and jam-packed. but in typical southern fashion, there was a lot of eating…

at the bridesmaids brunch held at goodness gracious. YUM!

as well as pedicures…

my first pedicure actually (i generally don’t like people touching my feet). but for rebekah, i conceded.

and general goofing around with the wedding party…


and of course, the catching of the bridal bouquet, which some of us were more eager to do than others 🙂

overall, it was a wonderful weekend filled with celebration and so much love. i’m so happy for my friend, her new husband and the little family they have formed together.

CONGRATULATIONS rebekah and chris gunter! i love you both xo

summer in the city

summer in the city… means cleavage, cleavage, cleavage_ regina spektor

i hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of july! while i unfortunately missed partaking in our family barbeque in georgia and watching my brother light up puny fireworks, i was able to work at the Met during the holiday (yay me!). but i must say after work, the macy’s fireworks that lit up the night sky in west manhattan more than made up for it! i absolutely adore fireworks and the show this year was just utterly spectacular.

summer has officially hit nyc and in order to stay cool in the city, i have come up with a few of my own tips. one, avoid the subway system (if you can). imagine a dragon lighting fire onto a landfill and you have a vague idea of what the nyc metro system is like on a hot summer day. ughh unbearable.

another tip would be to constantly drink/eat something cool, such as the delicious watermelon juice i had at the brooklyn flea market on saturday or… ICE CREAM!

to celebrate jennifer’s (one of my fellow interns) 21st birthday a few of us went out to the famous serendipity 3. i think i can speak for jennifer in this picture when i say WOWSA! after eating dinner, we proceeded to indulge to a diabetic heart’s content with frozen hot chocolate, forbidden broadway sundae (chocolate cake with ice cream, hot fudge & whipped cream) and mochaccinos. it was pure decadence and deliciousness!

if you’re a fan of the movie (like my sister), you’ll appreciate the eclectic feel of the small restaurant. but be ready to make reservations ahead of time for dinner or wait about 1.5 hours or more for a table.

another summer tip would be to utilize the evening events that the city has to offer! my amazing friend anne larimer had the day off yesterday and surprised me by texting that she had gotten us tickets for Shakespeare in the Park! this can be a bit of a hassle to do on a whim, as tickets for the 8p shows start selling at 6.30 in the morning (and sell quickly!). but if you ever have a chance to do this, i would highly recommend it. seeing ‘all’s well that ends well’ performed on a theatre stage in the middle of central park really made the night seem magical 🙂

Serendipity 3
255 east 60th street, ny ny
(212) 838.3531
Shakespeare in the Park
Central Park, ny ny

and now, from nyc to nashvegas ya’ll! on thursday, i will be flying into nashville to celebrate my friend rebekah’s wedding!!! i. am. SO. EXCITED. postings to come when i get back!