all because three people fell in love…

i’m back from tennessee (with the mosquito bites to prove it!). rebekah & chris’ wedding, dubbed ‘the wedding’ was simply beautiful. rebekah was the calmest, most easy-going bride ever, and i’m 99.4% sure she was not medicated. she was, however, stunning. i remember watching her try on her dress last summer, but had forgotten how absolutely gorgeous she looked in it. of course, chris and little connor were utterly dashing in their seersucker suits and ties as well.

as it was my first time being a bridesmaid, i was expecting the weekend to be chaotic and jam-packed. but in typical southern fashion, there was a lot of eating…

at the bridesmaids brunch held at goodness gracious. YUM!

as well as pedicures…

my first pedicure actually (i generally don’t like people touching my feet). but for rebekah, i conceded.

and general goofing around with the wedding party…


and of course, the catching of the bridal bouquet, which some of us were more eager to do than others 🙂

overall, it was a wonderful weekend filled with celebration and so much love. i’m so happy for my friend, her new husband and the little family they have formed together.

CONGRATULATIONS rebekah and chris gunter! i love you both xo

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