seat belts everyone!

field trips always remind me of boxed lunches and the Magic School Bus. it’s been quite a while since i’ve gone on a proper field trip as an adult, but i have to tell you, if Ms. Frizzle was an art historian i’m pretty sure she would have taken her students to see glass-blowing!

this past monday, our internship program went to red hook in brooklyn to see some glass blowers in action (the view of lady liberty wasn’t too bad either). i’ve never seen this process in person so it was an exciting experience for me. watching these artists manipulate molten hot glass with such ease was utterly mesmerizing. such an amazing art form! but as you can tell from their sweaty shirts, a little too hot for me.

afterwards, we visited the studio museum in harlem which houses contemporary art primarily from artists of african descent. having become so used to museums such as the Met, or what one of the studio museum curators called the ‘juggernauts of 5th avenue,’ it was nice to see the workings of a much more intimate space. while i know very little about contemporary art, i was struck by how tangible these artworks, some of them done by rather young artists, seemed to me. as one of the curators put it, ‘the art here is meant to be responsive, not reflective of the culture of harlem.’ (as can be seen in their collection of harlem postcards). all in all, it was a great field trip for a bunch of art nerds.

so how could my day have gotten any better?


if you don’t know what that means, we can no longer be (cyber)friends. while i have to say, i enjoyed part 1 of the seventh movie much more than part 2, seeing anything in IMAX/3D is always an amazing adventure! watching this, however, was slightly bittersweet as, with most people my age, i really have grown up with harry through these books and films. *sigh* i’m gonna go drown my sorrows in some butterbeer now (for which this recipe looks amazing btw)

Pier Glass
499 Van Brunt Street, Suite 2A, Brooklyn, NY 11231
The Studio Museum in Harlem
144 West 125th Street, NY, NY 10027

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