i got friends in low places

i’ve always been someone who values quality over quantity, and this applies directly to my friendships. to me, friends are people who complement you, challenge you, and support you, all the while humoring you at every step of the way. i must say i’ve missed my friends oh so much during my stay in nyc. so imagine my surprise when i had not only one but TWO sets of friends visit me this weekend!

my first friend, molly, is a familiar face from WAY BACK in high school. you know those ‘instigator’ friends who get you to do pretty much anything? molly is my instigator friend, numero uno. i remember us ditching 6th period one time to go try on prom dresses, drinking cosmopolitans when it was still considered trendy (you do the math), and many other unmentionables that i unfortunately cannot commit to print. she’s also one of the most reliable people i know and is always there to dole out her sage advice. so when she called me thursday night to say that she and her family were making a day trip to nyc the next day, i dropped everything to meet up with her… that, and i was only working a half-day 🙂 although her visit was short and sweet, i was just so happy to see her!

the next day on saturday, i was excited to welcome one of my former college roommates, alyssa, and her boyfriend trevor. although they both live in connecticut and have honky-tonked in nashville with me several times, trevor had actually never explored the big city! so we hit up some of the hot spots (and i mean HOT!)


and even enjoyed ourselves a fancy dinner at le cirque (courtesy of restaurant week in nyc!).

on sunday, we hung out at the met (of course) and then headed down towards madison square park to check out the beer garden la birreria and eat pizza at EATALY. it was glorious!

aren’t my friends just adorable?!

btw, shout out to my beautiful friend morgan who just got ENGAGED to her high school sweetheart nick! their very first date was our senior prom– the adorableness is overwhelming, i know.

Le Cirque
151 East 58th Street, NY NY
Birreria (15th floor of EATALY)
200 5th Avenue, NY NY

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