what a difference two weeks makes…

(somewhat) controlled chaos. that is how i would describe my life these days.

to begin with, last weekend, my family (aka the Choo clan) finally came to visit me in the Big City! in a span of about 3 days, we crammed together so many sites and of course, delicious food! here are some photos of our weekend:

Serendipity 3!

American Museum of Natural History

so happy to be eating chocolate bread @ Balthazar

best desserts i've had in NYC: otto pizzeria

secondly, most of my chaos can be boiled down to two words. Alexander. McQueen. if the Met was giving out free crack, i think we would have had less people than we did this past week. a 2 hr. long wait outside just to get into the museum, 3-4 hr. long lines to see the McQueen exhibition causing us to reach full capacity and close the museum for 20 min on friday, i understand why people have been… perturbed. but to burst into hysterical tears and tell me i ‘need to get my sh*t together!’ uncalled for LADY. needless to say, unless you are planning on getting me a present, don’t mention the words ALEXANDER or MCQUEEN in the same sentence for a while 🙂

for some good news, about two weeks ago, my supervisor asked me if i wanted to stay on at the Met after the internship! my answer: HECK YES! i feel so lucky to be a part of such a world-class institution with so many incredibly passionate people. and now that i’ve found a place to live after a week of apartment hunting, i’m officially going on cruise control…

whether you like it or not Manhattan, i’m here to stay!

80 Spring Street, NY NY
Otto Pizzeria
1 Fifth Avenue, NY NY
Staten Island Ferry
departs from Manhattan at Whitehall Terminal (South Ferry stop on the 1)
American Museum of Natural History
Central Park West at 79th Street, NY NY
Gershwin Theatre, 222 W 51st Street, NY NY

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