bedroom inspirations

channeling my inner-Nate Berkus. unfortunately i don’t have his access to Oprah’s checkbook. as i find myself moving around quite often these days, i’ve gotten used to revamping my place. but since i’m setting roots in this new apartment for a while (hopefully) i really need to get some stuff that i’ve been putting off. for instance, things like… a bed.

it’s been a fun process of planning and shopping. i’m calling the theme of my new bedroom French Lavender, an amalgamation of soft grays, purples and whites with accents of fun colors. very simple yet plush.

the challenge is that my bedroom is small even by Manhattan standards and thus everything in it needs to be beautiful yet extremely functional. i’ll be updating you on a post of the BEFORE and AFTER (and the entire process inbetween). anyone wanna join me for a painting/assembling furniture party?

blair waldorf's room on gossip girl. this is how every room should feel.

wish me luck!

fun fact: did you know the only difference between the words gray and grey is that the former is the American spelling while the latter is the English spelling. fascinating huh?

update: Bedroom Makeover post can be found here!

2 thoughts on “bedroom inspirations

  1. I’ve always been partial to whites, crips white sheets and pillows just make my bedroom so serene. Now if only I had that tufted head board of yours. I’d love to make my one one day…

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