Soho night

So last night I spent my evening exploring Soho, stopping by the last day of The Little Black Jacket Chanel exhibition in New York, and spotting Ami from Miami Ink. The usual.

Seriously, how is every person in Soho so cool and chic? This exhibition, put together by Carine Roitfeld (former editor of French Vogue) and Karl Lagerfeld, centered around Chanel’s classic black tweed jacket. Dozens and dozens of photographs were taken of various celebrities rockin’ the iconic garment in their own unique way.

I really love this capture of three generations between Charlotte Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin. I swoon for mother-daughter moments.


I really enjoyed the exhibition. It was very simple but fun, almost effortless looking. Typical Soho. Speaking of, as we left the gallery, my friend Anne Larimer spotted this incredibly chic chick. We both said we wanted to be her, or mostly we wanted her Vespa.

I may not have been created from the Soho laboratory of models, but I love the neighborhood. Although I think I’m an uptown girl at heart (don’t have the legs or wallet for Soho).

For dinner, AL and I went to Blue Ribbon Sushi (yum) and ended the meal with green tea crème brûlée (double yum!). Soho success!


The Little Black Jacket Chanel exhibition
 traveling all over the world
 Blue Ribbon Sushi
 119 Sullivan Street, New York, NY
 (212) 343.0404

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