key lime pie

While I consider myself a Nashville girl, deep deep down inside I’m actually from Miami. Yep, that was the first place my parents lived when they moved to the States and where I was born and raised until I was two. Palm trees, Cuban music, art deco… and I remember none of it. One of the few things that I like to think does link me to Miami however is my love of key lime pie.

Tart, creamy, with a graham cracker crust– it’s the perfect summer treat. Oddly enough I have never made key lime pie myself which is inexcusable as it’s surprisingly easy to make. Don’t take any shortcuts though. Make your own crust, squeeze fresh limes, whip the sweetened cream. You’ll thank me. As did my coworkers.


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kale chips

Is there any better chip than a kale chip…

Besides a potato chip. Or a tortilla chip. Pita chip, poker chip… oh, chocolate chip! So well yah maybe kale chips don’t exactly scream mm YUM, yes please! but they’re actually quite tasty, crispy snacks. If you like roasted nori sheets (which I love) then you’ll probably like these. They really are a nice go-to fix when you’re in the mood for a salty snack. In fact, not to brag, but they were quite the success at the Fourth of July party I went to last night… just spreading the gospel of kale chips everywhere I go. Like a vegan Jesus. Again, not bragging.

Not to mention they’re so much healthier than most other snacks that go crunch (I’m lookin’ at YOU, salt & pepper kettle chips!). Packed with beta carotene, vitamin C and K, calcium, and definitely the trendiest green right now.

So indulgence wise, there really is no better chip than a kale chip.

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beach week: savannah & tybee island

The only bad part about a vacation is coming back after it’s over. After spending the past week with my family in Tybee Island and Savannah GA, I wasn’t quite ready to come back to New York. Even though our trip began with some rainy weather, it cleared up just enough for us to soak up some rays, stroll Savannah, and even take a fishing boat out to catch our dinner!

correction: my dad and brother Ben caught our dinner (17 fish total!) as my mom, sister, and I were much too busy getting seasick…

We had a great time on Tybee Island! But I’ll let the pictures do the talking as I know that’s the only part I really pay attention to these days on blogs.

{our catch of the day}


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