The Spence

{pork belly}

For most of this week I will be in Georgia visiting my family: catching up on So You Think You Can Dance, eating my mom’s cooking, and soaking up the last few days of summer. September is also a nice time to celebrate birthdays as both mine and my sister Christine’s fall within the month.

As an early birthday celebration, our whole family had dinner at The Spence last night. I’ve previously talked about what a HUGE fan my whole family is of Richard Blais and he certainly does not disappoint with his new restaurant! He was actually at the restaurant last night and was super nice and welcoming. I genuinely loved every dish we ordered (and we ordered A LOT) but my favorites were the lobster knuckle sandwich, the bone marrow and tuna tartare, and the pork belly entree (my first time having bone marrow or pork belly… I’m SOLD!).

{oysters and pearls}


{bone marrow and tuna tartare with fried quail eggs}


{lobster knuckle sandwich}

The whole experience of dining out is something I just thoroughly lavish in. I love the whole process. What I loved about The Spence, though, is that it’s not stuffy, more like a barnyard industrial warehouse… very urban and unfinished which creates a nice relaxing environment. The food is just so unique though. If you’re in the mood for some adventurous eating I’d really recommend just going all out… it’s totally worth it.

{pickled shrimp crispy tacos}


{salmon confit with pumpernickel}


{short ribs}


{happy diners}


{milk chocolate peanut brittle with burnt banana ice cream}

The Spence
75 Fifth Street NW, Atlanta GA 

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