my Momofuku Milk Bar Exam


So, I’ve been lying awake at night thinking about this blog… what direction to take it, how to keep my DOZENS of (or one dozen) followers interested, what fulfillment this blog is still giving me… I’m sure you lie awake wondering the same thing. The truth is, I’ve felt a little uninspired. There are so many amazing, beautiful, creative blogs out there that I kinda felt like, what’s the point? Well, I realized the point is… I don’t know what the point is. All I know is that I enjoy posting about things I make and see and do and hopefully other people enjoy this little corner I occupy in the blogosphere.

Which is why I’ve decided to take inspiration into my own hands and create a project for myself. Titled My Momofuku Milk Bar Exam, it will be a series of 26 recipes that I’ve chosen to make and share from the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook!


My brother Ben got me this incredible cookbook for Christmas and it has only heightened my obsession with Christina Tosi. I had first set lofty goals to make the ENTIRE cookbook à la Julie & Julia… but decided to condense the 128 recipes to a more manageable 26 (the age I will be when this project is hopefully done). So far I don’t have half the equipment that is required, i.e. stand mixer, ice cream machine, acetate sheets, cake ring… but I have a whisk! And a dedication to create something that will hopefully bring inspiration to you as well.

Wish me luck! Momofuku Milk Bar Exam no. 1 coming soon… stay tuned.


also, please wish a Happy Birthday to my friend Maxine!

some people say you hit a quarter-life crisis at 25, but I’m obviously doing fine.

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