About Me

Hey y’all,

I’m Margaret, originally from Nashville, TN (Go Dores!) now living in New York City…  but forever a Southerner at heart.

If you don’t love food, you should just stop reading now because I will simply bore you to tears. If you DO love food, then congratulations on being human! I’m quite fond of the topic myself. Being raised by a mother who opened me up to so many different and wonderful cuisines (and didn’t complain once when I made her watch Molto Mario with me) has really made it hard for me to maintain a model figure. It has, however, emboldened my sense of culinary adventure and I hope to do the same for you.

By day, I work at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. By night, I bake and sing along to Broadway tunes. Follow me as I attempt to expand my culinary horizons within the confines of my Manhattan kitchen.

For my most recent projects, check out the Momofuku Milk Bar Exams  or TV dinners series for delicious inspiration!


Feel free to email me at [margaretinthecity@gmail.com] with any questions or comments.  I’d love to hear from you!                   

happy reading!

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