first comes prom, then comes marriage…

{my Morgan, the beautiful bride}

The main reason I was in Nashville last weekend was to partake in my friend Morgan’s wedding! I was so incredibly honored to be a part of Morgan and Nick’s wedding… it was a fun-filled weekend in celebration of a wonderful couple I’ve known for so long. In fact, I was actually there on their very first date… our senior prom.

Here’s a little flashback… can you spot us?

Morgan was absolutely glowing on her wedding day. I managed to snap only a few photos but I figured I’d share them so you can see some of the unique little touches from Morgan and Nick’s special day.

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Five Favorites

{ballet season at Lincoln Center Theatre}


{fleur de sel caramels, The Paris Market Savannah GA}


{Keith Haring exhibition, Brooklyn Museum}


{Hampton Chutney, masala dosa with curry chutney}


{Shakespeare & Sondheim in the Park}


Five Favorites

{rosy radishes at Union Square Farmer's Market}


{Terracotta Warriors at Discovery Times Square}


{ABC Carpet & Home}


{Kelvin Natural Slushie, Arnold Palmer with White Peach}


{Essie, A Crewed Interest}

all because three people fell in love…

i’m back from tennessee (with the mosquito bites to prove it!). rebekah & chris’ wedding, dubbed ‘the wedding’ was simply beautiful. rebekah was the calmest, most easy-going bride ever, and i’m 99.4% sure she was not medicated. she was, however, stunning. i remember watching her try on her dress last summer, but had forgotten how absolutely gorgeous she looked in it. of course, chris and little connor were utterly dashing in their seersucker suits and ties as well.

as it was my first time being a bridesmaid, i was expecting the weekend to be chaotic and jam-packed. but in typical southern fashion, there was a lot of eating…

at the bridesmaids brunch held at goodness gracious. YUM!

as well as pedicures…

my first pedicure actually (i generally don’t like people touching my feet). but for rebekah, i conceded.

and general goofing around with the wedding party…


and of course, the catching of the bridal bouquet, which some of us were more eager to do than others 🙂

overall, it was a wonderful weekend filled with celebration and so much love. i’m so happy for my friend, her new husband and the little family they have formed together.

CONGRATULATIONS rebekah and chris gunter! i love you both xo

it’s not easy being green

i admit, living green is not something that comes easy to me. i like long, hot showers and eating off-season strawberries year round. but anyone who has spent time in another country can attest to the fact that americans waste resources. a lot. and i think we can all agree that making an effort of conscious living helps us appreciate the many luxuries we often take for granted.

the problem with many green-living tips is that they can be inconvenient, expensive and overall annoying. some are relatively easy (switching to energy saving light bulbs), while others are a nuisance (the sudless natural, organic dish detergent i bought at trader joe’s). here are some green tips that have been both easy and effective for me:

1) travel mug.  anytime you bring in your own tumbler or travel mug to a participating Starbucks, you get 10 cents off your drink every day HOLLA! plus travel mugs keep your favorite morning pick-me-up hotter for much longer.

2) unplug those unused chargers! i’m guilty of not doing this on multiple occassions. my brother, the energy warden, is always scolding me for leaving my chargers plugged in, sucking out what he calls ‘vampire energy.’

3) byob. your own bags of course. reusable bags are so convenient. not only do they hold much more, they’re cheap and don’t leave plastic lashings on your arms and hands. pretty much every store sells them now– the hardest part is remembering to take them with you on your shopping trips! make sure to keep them near your purse/keys or stash them in your car so you’ll always have them ready to go. i usually keep one in my purse at all times, just in case.

4) vegetarian-for-a-day. while i’m a full-time vegetarian, i understand this is not realistic for everyone. so pick one day a week (meatless mondays, tofu tuesdays), or even just one meal devoted to a veggie-friendly lifestyle. there are so many great vegetarian recipes out there; some of my go-to dishes are eggplant parmesan and tofu tacos. who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself a new favorite recipe!

5) send an e-card! written letters and cards carry a certain nostalgia with them, but they use up lots of paper. on that someone special’s special day, send an e-card and save both money and a tree. many sites such as and have free e-cards for all occasions that are interactive and can be personalized with your own photos!

feel free to leave some of your own green living tips!