Baby, It’s (Gonna Be) Cold Outside!

Time to bundle up! Being from the South, I still think of snow as something magical… apparently jaded New Yorkers seem to think otherwise. So I’ve been preparing myself this year for my first ‘real’ winter. Forget the cute peacoats and wind-blown scarves, here’s a list of what I’ll be in this winter:

(1) long down jacket with hood

Michael Kors down jacket with faux fur hood

This seems to be essential winter garb #1. Make sure it has down feathers and a hood, it’s like wrapping yourself in a duvet. I love the Loden color (found on!

(2) rainboots/snowboots with fleece liner

Hunter wellies with fleece liner

There’s nothing more satisfying than fearlessly stomping through puddles (I apologize to those who walk beside me). Come winter time when snow turns to slush, rainboots with liners will keep your piggies warm and dry.

(3) Smartwool/Heattech legwear

Uniqlo W's Heattech knee high socks (fair isle) $12.90

Uniqlo W's Heattech tights $12.90

Heattech wear helps keep you extra warm by absorbing moisture and generating heat through movement. Both the knee high socks and tights are a a great way to dress up for work/going out and still look stylish without exposing your gams to the elements.

(4) glittens

J.Crew Hearthstone Glittens $28

Because texting with mittens makes me sound incoherent.

And of course, don’t forget the knitted scarves, grandpa sweaters, ear muffs, and hats! Cause the last thing I wanna feel is this…