Fashion Flashback

I have recently become completely obsessed with the show Felicity. You see, I missed the wave of Dawson’s Creek and My So-Called Life that swept the 90’s (too busy still playing with Barbies I guess). But thanks to Netflix, I have now zipped through Season 1 of Felicity in a couple weeks.

Although it’s a show very representative of the 90’s (it has Amy Jo Johnson, the Pink Power Ranger, for goodness sake!), I feel it really resonates with my current life. Felicity is a smart, yet rather meek high school graduate who ditches her Stanford plans to follow a crush she barely knows to New York City. Not exactly what I’ve done… but I can definitely relate with the confusion and humor that comes with struggling to find yourself in such a big city.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that all the characters wear flannel, like A LOT of flannel. Sometimes the screen is filled with so much checkered pattern, I wonder if it has a hypnotic effect on me. It’s put me in a flannel-inspired bend, and it appears I’m not the only person who wants to bring back the flannel craze…

J.Crew, $49.95 (on sale)

I really like this J.Crew shirt because it’s a very subtle, elegant pattern. Flannel often screams ‘lumberjack!’ but the neutral gray of the shirt makes it incredibly stylish and versatile.

H&M, $29.95

This is a modern version of the classic flannel shirt. I love the colors and most of all, the elbow patches! It’s bold but can easily be dressed down with jeans or dressed up paired with skinny black pants or belted over a dress.

Madewell, $69.50

I love this shirt. And not just because the pattern is called Dorthy Blackberry Julip (how delicious does that sound?!). The colors add a bit of a feminine flair to this garment, if you nix the bowtie.

J.Crew, $88 (on sale)

Flannel doesn’t have to be designated only to shirts. I really adore this red checkered flannel dress. Simple, yet fun.

Long live the 90’s!